Madhu Rawat has done “Monkey Business”Know why?[Edited by RANJEET]
Mumbai based Film and theater actress Madhu Rawat has played one of the important role of Mathematics teacher in the upcoming film “Monkey business”.

Madhu Rawat has also been part of PM Modi’s prestigious “Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan”, she has been seen in the numerous government advertising in the Newspapers, banners and hoardings around the country.

The film Monkey business is about the Indian education system, the Indian education system is still going on the line drown by the rulers during independence, it’s about how the current education system is proved inefficient in the way of shaping future of the children of our country and why India need a holistic education system in our country. The film is full of entertainment and it will make you and governments rethink about current education system.
Apart from Madhu Rawat, Padamshree Kanubhai Tailor who is a known social reformer and founder of disable welfare trust in Gujraat state, has played a important role in the film.

Director and writer of the film Mr. Anil Gajraj said that the shooting of the film is completed and film is ready for post production. Many part of the film has been shot in the Jangals of Gir in Gujraat.

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