The Rising Singing Star Shipra Priya with team, charged the Jabalpur in the series of patriotic events.

Edited By [RANJEET]: The rising singing star Shipra Priya with team has recently appeared in patriotic events on 13th and 14th August in Manas Bhawan and other events and will also perform on Independence Day in the Sanskaar Dhani of Madhya Pradesh.

She said that she loves to sing patriotic songs. there were many of soul touching patriotic songs including “Vande Mataram”, “Aye mere Vatan ke logo”, ” Mera karma tu mera dharma tu”, “Bharat hamko Jaan se pyara hai”, “Tija tera rang tha mai to” and many other soul touching patriotic songs and poems.

Dignitaries, bureaucrats and students attended the show. Shipra Priya has recently appeared in the Star plus realty show named “Dil hai Hindustani” and made her place in top 12. Her followers believe that she is a true soul and her heart touching melodies voice is God gifted to her. Ms. Shipra Priya is getting recognized around the country. She is also Advocate and sings only as a passion and hobby.

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