“BAAP RE BAAP” is ready to rock again in Delhi

The Play “BAAP RE BAAP” written by K.P. Saxena. He has written the dialogues of the popular Hindi films Lagan, Swades, Hulchul and Jodha Akbar.

The Play Baap Re Baap has a comedy theme and centred around a family. The story starts from a serious situation when Babu Badrinath, a resident of Lucknow is missing from his home & his family which includes his son Vikas, Daughter-in-law Meenu & a servant Noorbaksh, are worried about him and start searching him in the whole city by all possible means like police, newspaper, radio etc. They announce a cash prize for the person who will bring Babu Badrinath back to home. Some greedy people try to get the prize money by unfair means. Then, there comes a dramatic twist when 3 persons claim to be Vikas’s real father. Let’s find out the real one. The story is full of entertainment & comic drama.

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