United Congress Party busted Country Club’s Scam

publiclive.co.in[Edited by RANJEET]
National president Shri Sunil Shukla Ji, General Secretary Shri Sanjay Khanna and Mumbai Secretary  Advocate Ghanshyam Singh Chauhan of United Congress Party with Legal Team has busted the illegal organized economic fraud, Loot of Crores of rupees done every month from innocent people by the branch manager Sayeed Salim Pasha in the name of country club and country vacation membership and travel packages, we received various complaints from the innocent customers across Mumbai and Aurangabad, being cheated by selling of packages with wrong commitment and fraudulently. We enquired and got to know the modes oprerandi of the said fraud and cheating by the branch manager Sayeed Salim Pasha, once a person become the member and gives payment for the packages and services not receiving of their gift vouchers, not able to book the hotels as per their convenience that was promised while selling the package, the said packages were sold only to lure the innocent customers and loot their hard earned money.

The honest people are being lured by female tele callers and conspired to visit country vacation office to collect gift vouchers and kitchenwear worth thousands of rupees won in lucky draw, when innocent people visit to collect the said gift, salesman and their manager use to lure the visitor to purchase the holiday packages worth Rupee Sixty thousands to Six lakhs depending on the purchasing power of the customer.

Everything seems okay until the mode of payment and utilization of services comes into picture, once the customer is lured by various means to pay the package fee the manager use to ask them to pay cash  amount for the package and get more discount instantly that is in terms of 5 to 10%of the total value.

 There are multiple fraud and violation done in accordance to the guidelines set by the government. Firstly the cash collected by costumers are being used as unaccounted Black Money, total cash collected are not been shown in accounts therefore they are evading Tax. branch manager Sayeed Salim Pasha is offering hefty bribe to local police officers to manage complaints given by customers for cheating and fraud.

United congress Party to approach Amboli Police Station, Andheri (West) Mumbai, and Jinsi Road, Nawabpura Mondha, Police Station, Aurangabad-Maharashtra and write to the commissioner of Police and demand to File FIR Under Sections – 405, 415, 420, 403 and u/s 120B of Indian Penal code against the Directors and managers of the Country Club and Country Vacations. United Congress Party is standing with the victimized customers and committed to help them getting justice.  

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