President of United Congress Party Won Medal in Judo Commonwealth Championship [Edited by Ranjeet]
Pt. Sunil Shukla president of united congress party has won Bronze medal for India in common wealth Judo games held in Jaipur, Rajesthan from 5th to 11th November 2018. Party workers, friends and family are very exited to know that he has secured Bronze medal in championship.

Pt. Sunil Shukla is around 49 year old, he is a Judo Grand Master, he was out of practice for 26 years due to busy schedule of his business, political and social work, he has made this happen only in one month of practice. It was made posible because of his dedication and hard work and never give up attitude.

He says that while preparation for the championship his received tremendous support from his gym personal trainer Mr Ahmad, he worked hard to prepare Pt. Sunil Shukla for the commonwealth Judo championship within one month.

His winning is inspiration for the people who think that they can not bounce back, he proved that the dedication and hard work can turn impossible into I Am Possible.

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